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I have had the honor and privilege to work with Russell Strelnick on a one-on-one basis. Russell provides the safety needed to allow yourself to let down your guard and be vulnerable, so that true healing can take place.

I am forever grateful for the guidance Russell has provided me in navigating life's challenges. I am now at a point in my life where I now have a solid foundation of trust and respect for myself. Russell is dedicated, patient, humble, and tenacious in his quest to help his clients get to where they want to be in their lives.

I have learned from Russell the art of loving and accepting myself just as I am. I have also learned the art of accepting and appreciating this moment exactly as it is.

I whole-heartedly recommend Russell to anyone who wants real peace, real joy, right here and now.

Nick J, Milwaukee, WI


Thanks so much for the fantastic EMDR session last week. I am still feeling the positive effects. You have a wonderful gift of true insight into the healing process and the ability to facilitate others through their journey.

Clemma Nash, M.D.


Russell has an exceptional approach to therapy; he is a client-centered therapist--one that uniquely combines western and eastern approaches to mental health. Because of his wide knowledge of specific methods, he is able to personalize each session. My husband and I have worked with Russell, both individually and together, and each session was a wonderful and uplifting experience, even when difficult emotional issues were addressed. Russell uses medication, music, and expert listening skills to create a safe and loving environment that allows us to explore different facets of ourselves and our relationship. He was instrumental in helping us to prepare for the birth of our first child (while we were undergoing a major house renovation, and my husband was attending graduate school to earn a doctorate). Russell not only helped to facilitate this challenging time but guided each of us in creating a foundation of self that has allowed us to be better parents, better partners, and better humans.

Russell is truly gifted in his ability to combine the rational and scientific mind through brain-based research and reflection and the spiritual and inner-connection orientation of eastern thought. Russell is able to help with specific life issues as well as the difficult and on-going journey of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and the practice of loving kindness. During my work with Russell, I have become more balanced, more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection on a personal level and have been able to uncover issues from my past that are hindering my present; through Russell's unique guidance, I have been able to do all of this while embracing and accepting myself in each aspect of this journey. I feel that Russell is a pioneer in the field of mental health because he approaches the human condition as welcomed teacher rather than a problem that needs to be fixed.

Traci Clark, Milwaukee, WI

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