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Some of the techniques I use to help clients increase their awareness, cleanse, clear, heal and rebalance are:

TECHNIQUE ONE: EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing) NLP Neurolingquistic Programming

Woman relaxing with EDMR

The nature of your body, brain, and existence itself are symmetrically balanced between the Yin and the Yang. Feeling thought, high-low, up-down, change-acceptance all exist within this natural polarity. We create stress when we judge ourselves and our world through the perspective of a duality where one aspect is made wrong or bad and the other right or good. EDMR offers an opportunity to move from duality and reactivity to a more balanced flow that allows for the nature of all things to exist in harmony, allowing for both rainy weather and sunny weather to be nice days, just different.

TECHNIQUE TWO: Pranayama: The Healing Breath

Pranayama: The Healing Breath
Watch a baby breath while sleeping. Their tummies expand in large diaphragmatic waves of breath. Then watch an adult breathe. Often the breath is shallow. We suppress our breath in order to suppress our emotions. The heart cannot feel love if it is not allowed to feel anger, sadness, and fear. When you shut down one, you shut down the other. The heart has four chambers that work together to move the blood. Emotionally, the four chambers of love, sadness, fear, and anger must also work together to move the feelings through our experiences, instead of holding on and getting stuck in the contracted mode of control, resentment, regret and aversion. It is impossible to suppress emotions when you are breathing fully and freely. Breath work returns us to our heart's true nature.

TECHNIQUE THREE: Meditation - Radical Acceptance

Meditation - Radical Acceptance

Acceptance delivers what change promises. The Buddha's gift is that real sustainable inner peace and happiness comes from our ability to accept ourselves not from our ability to change ourselves. True joy comes to us when we allow ourselves to bathe in the calm of being fully present in this moment and practice being satisfied with what is, instead of always feeling compelled to chase after what should be, something better, something more. Come learn basic techniques for practicing radical acceptance.

TECHNIQUE FOUR: Neuro-somatic Release

Mother and Son

Watch a mother comfort and nurture a young child. She does not massage the baby, she rocks the baby. These pleasurable waves of movement interrupt the baby's contracting in reaction to the upset and gently leads the child towards the comforting wavelengths of safety and relaxation. Humans are hardwired to relax in response to gentle rocking. For an adult, this technique is still available by simple rocking one part of the body at a time. This work is done fully clothed so that you are completely comfortable. Returning to a natural calm state is a great gift to give yourself.

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