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Skype Consultations & Therapy Sessions

If you are considering therapy but not sure how to find the time then perhaps on-line therapy may suit you best? It is easier to fit in with a busy lifestyle and no travel is required. You can relax and enjoy your therapy session in the comfort of your own home, whilst many people find that being in their home environment can really help deepen your sense of feeling safe and secure as you address your life challenges.

Confidential face-to-face Skype consultations (via your computer, laptop or tablet webcam) include therapy sessions (covering all aspects of therapy; Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Talk Therapy).

Hypnotherapy as well as psychotherapy are safe and effective means for bringing positive changes into your life. Whether you participate in person or on skype there is never a point where you lose your capacity to chose what is best for you. In fact both these tools for positive change function to increase your ability to choose what is best for you.

What will you need?

– access to high-speed internet
– webcam with microphone, tablet, smart phone
– Skype

How does it work?

Skype (which is a free and easy to use program) allows for free internet video calls over the computer.

For those unfamiliar with Skype you can view their official website here and download the free software should you need to set-up an account:

Once you have successfully set-up your Skype account and you have been issued your log-in ID and password, please either e-mail or call to organize a mutually convenient time to schedule your initial consultation.

What is Russell’s Skype User Name?

Please search for:  russell.strelnick

What is the cost?

(50-90 mins) sliding scale $60-$120

Insurance and EAP coverage available as well

It is required that all sessions are booked in advance and paid via Paypal.

In the event of cancellation, 24 hour notice is required, failure of which no refund can be issued.

To book your initial Skype consultation, or if you have any questions, please e-mail or call 414-975-3257.

Skype Therapy session (covers Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR & Talk Therapy)

Skype Counseling Privacy/Confidentiality Statement

Check out Privacy/Confidentiality Statement page

Legal Requirements

By Law, therapists are required to notify the appropriate authorities in cases where we learn about child abuse or about threats to self or others. These authorities can be the Child Protective Services or your local police department.

In the cases of threats to do harm to yourself, please know that I will attempt to get you aid because you are not thinking rationally at that time. It is not only my obligation, but out of concern that I will be taking all appropriate actions to help you, or anyone who may be involved.


By using Skype Therapy services, you agree that:

  1. You are 18 or older and not currently in therapy with any other licensed therapist. If you are under psychiatric care for medications, you have talked with your doctor to inform her/him that you are seeking additional help;

  2. You are not feeling suicidal and/or self-destructive;

  3. You are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  4. You are not being treated for Schizophrenia;

  5. You are the authorized user of the credit card or have the owner’s permission;

  6. If your problem would be better discussed in person, I will help by making a referral;

  7. You have read the privacy/confidentiality statement on the Skype Counseling page and you have a general understanding that there are some limits regarding privacy on the internet.

  8. You are aware that others may view your therapy sessions on your home or office computer and you have taken any measures you feel you need for your own protection of this material.

  9. Agreement : Before online counseling can begin, we agree when and how it will take place.  It is helpful that we agree to our expectations about the timing of counseling sessions because we have to trust each other to respond when expected.  We also need to have a back-up plan for a technology crash (the internet and computers are still not 100% effective all of the time) and other emergency situations.

In order to facilitate this, please complete the informational form by clicking here.

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